How do I Get There?

Chrysalis weekends are designed for youth, ages 15-18. Likewise, Journey is designed for young adults, ages 19-24. Chrysalis/Journey is open to ANY young adult of any Christian denomination. They come together to:

  • strengthen their friendship with Christ;
  • discuss unanswered questions about what it means to be a Christian;
  • discover a positive Christian vision, a basis for living, and guidance for decisions that influence their lives;
  • recover spiritual roots and an understanding of being the church;
  • benefit from the spiritual enrichment that comes from sharing faith with peers;
  • learn who they really are in God’s eyes;
  • enjoy relationships of acceptance within the body of Christ;
  • spend time in prayer alone and with others.

To get involved in Chrysalis, each person must have a sponsor.  They may be sponsored by their parents, youth pastor or someone who has already attended Chrysalis or Emmaus him- or herself. If you have a friend who has been on Chrysalis/Emmaus, ask your friend to tell you about his or her experience with the program.

If you don’t know anyone who has been to Chrysalis/Emmaus, contact the respective registrar to help you consider attending Emmaus and finding a sponsor.

If you would like to register, please print and complete the registration form found in our Application/Contact section and mail it to the address specified for the registrar.