Parent FAQs

What is Chrysalis?
Chrysalis is a Christian teen retreat to be specific. Unlike the typical “retreat” by definition, Chrysalis is MORE than a retreat. It is a life changing event.

What do I do first?
The first step is for you to complete a weekend application and snail mail or email it to our Registrar (See Contact Us page).

Why do I need a sponsor?
God blesses those who have been before with an amazing experience, and being a sponsor is a Privilege for past Emmaus and or Chrysalis participants. It is a way for us to show the “agape” love that Christ commands.

How much?
Money is NEVER a reason for a youth not to participate in a Chrysalis weekend. Please email the registrar and ask about our scholarship program. The cost for the weekend is $110.00 there are no other costs or needs for money during the weekend. To work on a team the cost is $110.00.

Can parents attend?
We highly encourage Parent and all family members to attend both the send off on Friday morning, and the closing on Sunday evening. Parents do not stay during the weekend.

What should I bring?
Comfortable clothes. No need for any dressing up. Check the weather, be responsible for your appearance, no questionable clothing, or revealing clothing. Were here to glorify God, not our bodies.

NO. There is no need for any games, cellphones, laptops, netbooks or other electronic devices. Those can and should stay home. We’ll keep you plenty busy!

How can I reach my teen in an emergency?
When you fill out the online application, or team member form, your emergency contact information will be used in the event of an emergency. When you or your teens sponsor arrives Friday, we can provide you with the logistical coordinators contact information in the event you need to connect with your teen. On a side note, we have never had any serious incidents on any weekend. God is Good!

What should I pack?
Once your online, or manual application is received, you will be sent a communication letter from the Registrar. That information will be there…. You should have minimal need to invest in any items for the weekend.

What about school Friday?
Chrysalis is a Friday through Sunday event, your Son or Daughter might need to miss one day of school.